My game is slowing down and lagging sometimes! Is there a fix?



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  • Joost Scholtens

    Ever since the server update of yesterday (18-5-2020) my game has constant wifi issues and stop working 9 out of 10 times after I finished a night battle.

    The wifi issues is really weird since everything else works fine on my tablet. After a night battle I get the bad wifi icon, that dissapears after a while and then the press to continue appears. However the game if frozen by then, it doesn't respond to any input. I have to restart the game but once it is finished loading I have to do the night battle again to only finish with the same result, a frozen morning screen.

    I am running the game on an iPad Air 2 with iPadOS 13.4.1 and the game client version is1.6.2 5284 (store)

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